Friday, May 12, 2006

Benefits of Humility

The spiritual understanding of humility is to see ourselves accurately. We recognize our personal strengths and weaknesses without making them bigger (or smaller) than reality. Humility is about seeing ourselves clearly without the interference of distorted thoughts that falsely build ourselves up or tear ourselves down. This allows us to accept ourselves for who we are freeing our thoughts and actions to focus on pursuing our vocation rather than wasting valuable time trying to protect an image we have created.

Practicing humility is about acting with love. In each situation we ask ourselves, “What is the loving way to make this choice or interact with this person?” When the answer is unclear we quietly ask god for guidance. Perhaps we set-aside the need to take action in that very moment until a path becomes clear.

Practicing humility is about acting without ego. We build awareness that our status and possessions do not reflect our quality as a person. We do not judge others or ourselves relative to others. Humility without ego is about recognizing our shared humanness.

Acting with love is about sowing the seeds of humility. Acting without ego is about trimming the weeds that inhibit the growth of humility. By approaching humility from both directions we remove the barriers that keep us from reaching our full potential.


At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Richard McLeod said...

Right on, David! Have you considered exploring the vital interaction of other virtues like honesty and compassion? Until recently exploring the internet, I felt like a voice in the swilderness. Thank you. Richard


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